Issue 12 - Winter (2015 review)

Wild Fishing


2015 – A great year for the sport!

Last Spring presented an opportunity that every angler should not miss out on – a feeding frenzy. Not only do the fish become more active as they emerge ravenous from their winter hibernation but this is also a period when their food source become active too.

As the land and the water warms then all aspects of nature gets reborn and springs to life, often offering a bounty and forming a wider food chain. As such, the prolonged spring gave prolonged sport, as the rivers and lakes didn’t warm to mid-summer levels until later in the year. This translated into great summer fishing that couldn’t be missed, regardless of your target species.

What to target? This is always a difficult question when you have such an array of species and fishing opportunities presented to you in Wales. However, for the fly angler from Spring to Autumn this was most certainly a time to either target some trout on the lakes or target the brown trout on the rivers.

For the sea angler; the bass have appeared in numbers and are hunting hard, along with smooth-hounds and tope and then some great light-tackle species like bream. For the coarse angler its time to try for barbel and chub on the rivers, along with surface sport on the lakes. No matter what appeals, Wales has something for you and this ezine will cover some of these suggestions in detail and open the door to treasures that await.



Steffan Jones


Burning Red